O.k., here goes. My first question (and let’s start with a little one) is about the living room. Nester, if you’re out there, I queried you about this a while back. I loved your suggestions, but I’m still playing around with this room. We did some rearranging, and I’m not sure what to do with this one wall.

Living RoomO.k., so it’s not a perfect picture, but see the white armoire thingy? That houses the computer. I hide the ugly black office chair if we’re having people over. The t.v. situation is not ideal, but it will have to hang out for now. But what to do with the armoire area? Is that little grapevine wreath too country? Should I hang pictures on either side of the armoire? Above it? Do nothing? Here’s another shot of that room:

Living Room 2So if anyone stumbles upon this little baby blog, I want some ideas!