This is all The Nester’s fault. I’m sitting here wondering what in the world I’m doing starting a blog. A decorating blog, no less. This house stuff is a bit of an obsession for me. I get a huge sense of accomplishment when I complete a house project. And then I move on to the next. Over the course of the past month or two, I have discovered the world of homemaking, decorating, and design blogs. And now I’m addicted. 

The Nester is probably my favorite. Reading her stuff made me realize that I’m not the only decoration improviser out there. I’m not the only magazine hoarder, color obsessor, furniture shifter, and knick knack rearranger. And her loyal fans have been a great source of inspiration as well.

Another favorite? Mrs. Fussypants. Who wouldn’t love someone with a name like that? And while Mrs. F’s main focus is fighting the frump, which I totally support, I figure I’m just fighting house frump.

So I started wondering…..what would they say about that one bookself? How would The Nester top that window? And so on. So I thought maybe I’d throw my hat into the ring, see if I could get some feedback on my house, and maybe even provide an idea or two of my own once in a while.