I haven’t blogged in such a very long time. I still read many of my favorites religiously, but I was feeling a little uninspired for posts of my own. All this talk about the holidays has given me some ideas, though, so after Thanksgiving I’ll be back with some holiday decorating and some links to more of my favorite blogs and all of their sure-to-be amazing ideas for this holiday season!

And….a bit of shameless self-promotion. I’ve been doing a bit of page design here and there with my job as a part time writer/editor, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Over the past few years, I did some digital scrapbooking with my family photos. One thing led to another, and I had some friends ask me to design some things for them, and here we are. I have a new Etsy shop, FinePrints. Just holiday cards for now, though I hope to expand to invitations and that kind of thing eventually!