I just had to send out a thank-you to Chris over at Just a Girl, who wrote about me here. She has a lovely home and some great examples of incorporating kids’ art into her decor. And a couple of her friends have stopped by with some great ideas, too.¬†

Though I’m trying to work the kiddie art into other areas of the home, it does have a way of ending up on the fridge sometimes anyway. Take, for example, this week’s monkey:


Thanks for stopping by, and have a good weekend!


I saw a great post at Blissfully Domestic¬†about displaying kids’ art. I’ve been working on doing some of that in our house….trying to take it beyond the fridge. I have some cute little flowers the kids made on a side table:

Another thing I’ve done is arranged a group of my son’s watercolors in the living room:

For art management (because it sure does get out of control), my new plan is to delegate each child a drawer in the dresser near our front door; we’ll collect the art in there and go through it every so often to try to select our favorites.

Any other ideas out there?