Melissa over at The Inspired Room asked for examples of creative concealment today. You know….ways to hide all the ugly stuff. Off the top of my head I have no stellar examples of true concealment, but I have a good example of improvisation. I hope that counts. 

I had this idea that I’d like a backsplash. A real one, involving tile and labor and money. That wasn’t in the cards, so on a whim last summer I picked up a roll of textured grasscloth-looking wallpaper from Lowes. This was significant for me because I’m not typically a huge fan of wallpaper. Not that I mind the way it looks, but pasting that stuff up on the walls just seems like a big commitment. And….in about an hour (an annoying hour, I might add, but only an hour!), my husband and I had created a bit of a backsplash. I like the way the color just blends in with the wall color. It just gives it some texture and it’s a little something to hold me over until I can (someday) get granite countertops and a tile backsplash. And cost effectiveness? The roll of wallpaper cost in the neighborhood of $16. I used about half of it. So $8 for a backsplash? That works.

Once I got these photos uploaded, I realized the texture doesn’t show up so much in the smaller files. But…here you can see the backsplash and wall color are about the same (pretend you don’t see all that junk on the counter):

And hopefully here you can at least somewhat see the wallpaper:



Imperfectly beautiful! Where do I begin? This is The Nester‘s campaign for today. She’s featuring links to everyone’s beautiful imperfection in their homes; how fun! I might be the queen of imperfection, so let’s see what I can add.

How about the family room? I love the family room. It’s cozy. I love peeking at the mountains out the window. I love when the sun goes down and I light candles and turn on the lamps. I love how comfortable the couches are. But guess what? It’s too small (so small, in fact, that I had to take this picture from couple of different angles to make my point). There are always toys thrown around. There’s a soft pink chair, belonging to a certain little girl, which does not match the decor. So what? There is always a stack of magazines and the kids’ books on the end table. So what? It’s our FAMILY room; that’s the point!




And how about the kitchen? I love the kitchen. That’s where the kids help me cook. That island counter? That’s where there is ALWAYS a to-do list, a grocery list, some keys, and my cup of coffee. See?:

The kitchen table? That is where we spend family meal time. It’s pretty beat up. We call it rustic. The booster seats aren’t so cute. See that empty basket? It should be full of fruit, but guess who needs to go to the grocery store? I’ll get there.

So, home…..imperfectly beautiful. I could post more (lots more), but you get the point.